Click is the first game developed by JLG.

It is a simple puzzle game which will instantly feel familiar to anyone whose ever played a slide puzzle but changes the aim of the game and throws in much needed variety in the actions that can be performed.

The aim of the game is to matched coloured blocks together by sliding them across a 2D plain. By sliding blocks into the one empty cell in each level you move the blocks around, once matched with one or more other block of the same colour, the blocks become inactive and you are one step closer to winning.

Apart from normal coloured block, there are power-up blocks (hearts, puzzled pieces, airplane and hammer) as well as obstacle blocks (skulls, locked and arrow).

The game has five-mode with three different game rules:
– Puzzle rules (shapes mode)
– Time trial rules (normal, airport and hammertime modes)
– Survival

 See the slideshow below to learn how to play the game and learn about the different power-ups, obstacles and game modes available.

The launch date of Click is 17th February 2012. Watch this blog for more info!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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