Juniper Lane Games is an independent game development studio, currently specialising in iOS and Android games. We are a small team of passionate gamers who enjoy making them as much as playing them.

Juniper Lane Games was established in 2011 and we aim to launch our first project, called Click in January 2012 for iOS followed for and Android releaser later in the year. In the meantime we also started work on another game, hopefully to be released by the end of 2012.

Juniper Lane Games is based in the sunny island of Malta, in the heart of the Mediterranean. The team currently mostly consists of myself Luke Ambrogio, with a little help from my wife Jessica as well as a couple of freelance artists.

The philosophies of our studios are:

  • Develop games which are accessible to and enjoyable by everyone; games that transcend age, sex and race.
  • Develop games that are different enough to be fresh. We hate seeing our online stores/markets filled with the same games with different graphics.
  • Develop games which are only games. Although we respect developers who fund their games through advertisment and referral, while we are still able to, we prefer to charge you something small to play a game without interruptions.
  • Develop a relationship. We hope to get as much feedback about what we do, we want to listen, learn and evolve, so that our games and your experiences will be richer.

Thanks for taking this ride with us…




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