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Graphical Update

After careful consideration and long discussions with some qualified people I decided that Click needed a graphical overhaul. So while the gameplay remains intact all of the graphic element have been redone and now Click is looking better than ever.   Advertisements


I’ve posted our project Click on appbackr.com and had our first backr Edward Craddock contribute to the project. If you didn’t know appbackr.com is a marketplace, where backrs (think of them as investors), buy Apps (either released or in developepment like Click) to help get support money. In turn the backr gets the invested money … Continue reading

Click – Update

Here at Juniper Lane Games we are currently putting our final touches to Click, our first game. Currently we are testing the game on devices (currently iPhone and iPad) and hope to launch the game on the 17th of February 2012. If you haven’t done so yet visit the Click page for more game information … Continue reading